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West Coast Natural Foods

Beeswax 2" Votive

Beeswax 2" Votive

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Votives: Our round solid votives are made from 100% pure, unrefined natural solid beeswax or 100% natural eco soy. They offer a longer, cleaner, non-toxic burn and soft golden glow. With a wonderful soft honey scent for those that are sensitive to smells but prefer soy we have unscented soy. We also have 100 + beautiful aromatherapy scents to choose from with the soy candles and 10+ eco-friendly colors in the beeswax candles too. The incredibly long burn times make these candles the best buy for your money. Small, Round, Powerful 100% beeswax or 100% soy Votives pack a lot of burn time! Use your favorie votive holders with our votives for a romantic setting!

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