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EMPower Plus

EMPower Plus

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Truehope EMPower Plus is a superior, broad spectrum Micronutrient Supplement, designed to provide you with essential cofactors of life that you rely upon daily to maintain Mental and Physical well being. With the EMPower Plus formulation containing 16 minerals, 14 vitamins, 3 amino acids and 3 antioxidants, you can be certain that you will achieve many of your daily nutritional requirements. The power of EMPower Plus lies in its superior formulation, careful combination, balance, and most importantly its unmatched proprietary 4 step process and delivery system providing you with nutrition the way nature intended.

Anyone can take EMPower Plus to optimize their mental and physical well being. However, those taking psychiatric medications must consult with a physician prior to use. Adverse drug interactions WILL occur due to EMPower Plus's powerful formulation. Truehope provides separate products and programs for those taking medications, including working closely with health care practitioners. EMPower Plus is a micronutrient therapy that has been designed to provide "nutritional support for mental and physical well being". Health Canada has approvedEMPower Plus for sale as a natural health product with this health claim, after an extensive, multi-year approval process.

Amount: 120 caps

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