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Epsomgel Pain Relief Gel with Arnica effectively relieves pain and inflammation to keep you active. A unique water-based solution that absorbs quickly and is non-irritating for everyday use.

The idea of Epsom Gel came from Ross Edwards and Carol Pettit. Ross was soaking in an Epsom salt bath, trying to soothe an injured toe. His toe injury was affecting the way he walked and starting to radiate through his whole body. As he was soaking in the Epsom salt he was curious to figure out if rubbing concentrated Epsom Salt on his injury would provide fast, more effective results. He tried a couple formulations and knew he was on the right track because his toe pain started to diminish. He used the help of herbalist Carol Pettit to create a powerful formulation infused with essential oils to be soothing and effective. Some other pain relievers on the market contained Magnesium chloride, which dries the skin, but Ross created a topical pain reliever with Magnesium Sulfate, which is pleasantly scented and gentle on the skin. This gave rise to Epsom Gel and concentrated Epsom bath salts, formulated with effective, natural ingredients.

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