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Live Blood Analysis

Live Blood Analysis

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What is Blood Analysis? Live and Dried Blood Cell Analysis is observing and monitoring the state of the body's system and organs. The largest advantage is its ability to pick up health problems in their earliest stages.

By analysing your live blood under a high-powered microscope, we can uncover many hidden imbalances, including: nutritional imbalances, oxidative stress/antioxidant levels, mineral imbalances, immune weakness, adrenal stress, hydration levels, acidity, digestive problems.

How does it work? The process starts by extracting two drops of blood from the finger tip. The blood is then viewed through a high-powered microscope linked to a video monitor, allowing the client to view the blood during the analysis. By observing different components in the live sample patters in the dried sample, the analyst will then suggest an appropriate suggestion lan including elements and diet modifications.

****Please call 250-642-4011 to book an appointment.

****All appointments are between Monday-Friday at 6pm

Cost: $75 + $15 extra if you don't know your blood type (that also includes Blood type diet information)

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