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Organic Traditions

Organic Maca for Women with Probiotics

Organic Maca for Women with Probiotics

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Empower your womanhood with Organic Traditions' Maca. Designed for you, fuelled by nature.

Who Did We Create This For?

  • For you, the power-embracing, nature-loving woman.
  • You, who strive for balance amid the chaos, and aim to thrive, not just survive.
  • You, who put wellness at the top of your priority list and understand the value of holistic health.


Why Did We Create It?

We understand your journey.


We know the hurdles of hormonal shifts and digestive challenges you might face. This is why we brought together adaptogenic maca and probiotics.

It's not just a supplement, it's your ally, designed to enhance your vitality and optimize your overall health.


  • Known for its delicious caramel/butterscotch aroma and flavour.
  • Contains 1 billion heat and shelf stable probiotics per serving.

How to use it:

  • Can be added to coffee and tea.
  • Perfect for boosting your smoothies, elixirs and more.
  • Add it to raw desserts, energy balls and more.


organic red-purple maca, organic black maca, bacillus coagulans (# MTCC 5856)


50-Serving per bag.
Just $0.31 per dose.

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